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Gatekeeper student-led organizations focus on raising mental health awareness and suicide prevention. A trained prevention specialist from PASS (Prevention Awareness Support Services) and a staff member from the school facilitate monthly or bi-weekly meetings with students. Gatekeeper groups thrive in over 20 schools in the PASS service area. Implement one in your school to help promote positive mental health and prevent suicide.

Students who participate in these groups:

  • Hold important discussions and learn about mental health and reducing stigma

  • Participate in suicide prevention and effective prevention strategies training

  • Develop leadership skills by holding officer positions

  • Participate in fun team and trust building activities

  • Have a voice in how the organization runs and prevention efforts at their school and in local community

  • Participate in educational mini-workshops, such as active listening, stress management, and creating inclusive spaces

For more information on the Gatekeepers:

Bethan Miller, Associate Director:

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